Professional Radon testing Mold testing VOC testing for Metro Detroit homes.
Professional Radon testingMold testingVOC testingfor Metro Detroit homes. 

You've heard the rumors.  

Home environmental problems usually come up for discussion during real estate transacations.   Sellers, agents and others who may have only limited knowledge assure you that, "There are no such problems here!"  Remodeling shows on TV have been known to broadcast baseless assertions as though they were solid science.

You have the concerns.

But even this chatter must have some basis in fact.  How dangerous is mold, really?  Is radon actually a major cancer risk?  And what's being emitted by the building materials in my new home?  

Now, get the facts. 


Protecting your family requires independent testing by an experienced technician.  You need someone with long experience and extensive knowledge who is not out to sell you other products or services.   A Company whose sole purpose is reliable, accurate testing.


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Formaldyhyde and other VOC's

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